Migratory Trajectories: Moroccan Borderlands and Translocal Imaginaries

PhD Dissertation, Princeton University, 2009

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What Moroccan Model? Moroccan Reform and New Regional Perspectives

GMF Policy Brief by Oumhani Alaoui and Emilio Allessandri, 2011 →

Because of its prompt reaction to the unfolding regional crisis, Morocco has been hailed in Western capitals as a “model” for the rest of the region. What is really happening in Morocco today and what is the Moroccan model, if any, about? Reforms are not new to this country. However, they are more akin to transitions than to an end-state, since they were essentially top-down reforms and did not fully integrate the political sphere. The Arab Revolutions, and the Moroccan case, argue for a profound shift in the way the world (and particularly the West) conceptualizes and engages the Arab World. Morocco could be seen by Western countries as the country in which to try out new models of engagement and recalibrate old partnerships. Morocco, in turn, will want new types of partnerships and development strategies.

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